I have suddenly got a love for plants. They are sort of inspiring, and so decorative. They are green, fresh and faboulus. Give a good vibe to the room, don't they?

vintage jacket

The first, but definitly not the last picture of this jacket. I really like it, and it is so warm. Perfect for the winter.
Oh, and yes. Today we had a "Grndercamp" at school. It was really funny, but pretty stressing. Me and my group won, and we got a
giftcard at a pizzaresturant in the town. Looking forward to it!


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i am not

It is a rainy day today, and I love it. I think it is sort of inspiring. The white sound, you know. Because it is like silence, but it is not empty.
Gosh, I love that. I'm also working with a new header/desing. Do you have any tips for me?


It was so nice with a vacation last week, and I was on a consert with Hellbillies. It was really fun and I hope you enjoyed your vacations too.
I've finally got som blog-spirit over me again, so I'm really inspired these days!

How was your vacation? (if you had one)

08.00 AM

This. This is love. It is so comfertable, and the fresh morning air is just amazing. I feel so inspired and happy today and I woke up
and thought"today!"
AND it is just a week to the vacation, and I cant wait.

What are you going to do in your vacation?

easy style

This was like a throw-on outfit ,because it is so cold at the evnings now. But as I got comfertable in the outfit, I really like the way I styled it.
Easy, simple and comfertable. This is defiantly going to be my outfit tomorrow!

Did you like it?


Instagram is one of the most inspiring social medias i know. It's fun and beautiful. So many pictures, and so many users. I hope you will leave your instagram name in the below, so I can follow you!
My instagram is @maritrageton (<--link)

Q: Hva heter du p instagram // What's your instagram name?


This lovely knitted dress is actually my dad's! You see, he used it in his youth as a overzied sweater. He designed it himself, and a friend
of him made it. It fits perfectly for the autumn. Did you like it?

(my dad was like a real hipster at the 80's)

new and old

New and old! The shirt and the socks (<3) is new in, while the short and the knitted jacket is old. It isn't even my stuff.
The shorts is dad's, which means it is very overzied, and the jacket is my mom's.

this describe my style.

If I got the chance to decribe my style in one picture, it have to be this. This is my favorites of the warderobe, and each item is a detail that
make me.

The huge vintage-jacket is so loveable. I wear my hat like always, and the cap is really cool. The soft-bra is perfect for weekends at home,
and I've fallen in love with knee-high socks. I have to wear the glasses(because of my bad sight), and the cirkular sunglasses is very, very
The cross-formed eardobs is the accesorie I've got most respond on, and I love 'em. They fits everything.


Love this tee. It describes me perfectly!


I love the 90's grunge! Do you?

portrett / new glasses

Jeg elsker de nye brillene mine. Jeg var s usikker p de, og n er jeg s glad.

trist vre gla'

"Det finns gode mennesker, som har gode ideer
Om et bedre liv, inn i fremtiden

De ber oss tenke over, hva vi synes er viktig
Og hva som blir ndvendig, inn i fremtiden"

- DeLillos

likte du sangen? :)

all blue

Offisielt hst! Endelig! Ikke det at jeg har noe imot sommeren. Sommeren er noe av det beste som fins! Men hsten er s god. Peis, kaffe, kakao, te, store gensre, mrke kvelder!

Liker du hsten?


Jeg elsker virkelig store skjorter! Det er s komfetabelt, og ikke minst stiligt!
Bruker du store skjorter?


God morgen, herlige lesere! N m jeg lpe, og jeg hper dere er p vei til skolen fremfor lese dette!

Hva synes dere om antrekket?


Dette gikk jeg da med p skolen! Hva hadde dere p dere i dag? :)


I don't care who you are or what you think, but I'm really thankful that you've cheked out my blog!

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